Do you have a Dirty Mind?

Like our weenie roaster, some people find it offensive or dirty. What, its nothing more then a cooking device... Dirty thoughts come from Dirty Minds....

The Green Head.com

The craziest products sold to the public all on one site. it is a must see!



Cthulhu Roaster

Our good friend "bbum" approached us with an idea to do a Cthulhu Roaster, I was clueless? But after some research and help from bill we where able to come up with his one of a kind roaster. yes it kinda looks like the punisher cthulhu… See the video of the making of the Cthulhu on our waterjet.


The Weenie Rack

The Weenie Rack aced it's demo run this weekend. Only thing to fix is the spacing around the weenie's needs to be opened up. Watch for this product to go on sale soon.


Dog Cooker!

Demo run on our new dog cooker. A few changes to be made, but overall the cooker did well. The main issue is to raise the dog up higher from the grill.


Hot Dog Facts

A hot dog is a type of fully-cooked sausage in bread, cured and sometimes smoked sausage of even texture and flavor that is softer and moister than most other sausages. It is the sausage most readily eaten as finger food, especially in the United States. It is usually placed hot in a soft, sliced bun of the same shape as the sausage, and optionally includes condiments and toppings. The resulting sandwich is also called a hot dog.
The flavor of hot dog sausages varies widely by region and by personal preference, as do the toppings on the sandwich. The flavour of the sausage itself can resemble a range of similar meat products from bologna on the bland side to cooked salami in the spicier varieties.

Hot dogs are traditionally made from beef, pork, or a combination of those meats. Unlike many other sausages (which may be sold cooked or uncooked), hot dogs are always cooked before being offered commercially. Unless they have spoiled, hot dogs may be safely eaten without further cooking though they are usually warmed up before serving. Vegetarian hot dogs and sausages which are made completely from meat analogue are also widely available in most areas where hot dogs are popular.

Hot dogs are also called frankfurters, or franks for short (named after the city of Frankfurt, Germany, the original frankfurters are made of pork only), or wieners or weenies (named after the city of Vienna, Austria, whose German name is "Wien", the original wieners are made of a mixture of pork and beef). In Australia, the term frankfurt is used rather than frankfurter. Tiny frankfurts, called cocktail franks or cheerios, are sometimes served at parties and eaten on the end of a toothpick. In the German speaking countries, except Austria, hot dog sausages are generally called Wiener or Wiener Würstchen. (Würstchen means "little sausage") In Swiss German, it is called Wienerli; but, in Austria, the terms Frankfurter or Frankfurter Würstchen are used.


The Big Jimmy

We recently made Jimmy Kimmel a custom weenie roaster and shipped it to him in hopes it might get on his show. We went as far as to design and print a corrugated box made just for his roaster. So, keep your eyes open and your fingers crossed.


Roasters Go World Wide

Recently we noticed that we where receiving an unusual amount of traffic from this German web site http://www.ehrensenf.de, after investigating we noticed they showcase our site in a bit about surviving in the wild. What our roasters had to do with it, we may never know... But, none the less any attention is good attention.


Crabtacular IV

175 lbs of crab. 140+ people. 30 lbs of smoked pork. Over 9 liters of really fine tequila. Home brew. Delicious food. Awesome company. Corporate sponsorship in the form of weenie roasters and amazing tequila.


The HammerHead WaterJet

The Hammer Head Calypso Water Jet is the work horse behind "Roast My Weenie's" cookers. By using the water jet to manufacture our roasters we are able to design a one piece construction. The roaster has no toxic welds. And unlike the other roasters out there we use top grade surgical stainless steel.


Testing the Chile Roaster

This was our first try on our new Chile Roaster, and yes there where problems but, what would a product be if it wasn't tested and retested until satisfaction was achieved? So, we learned alot from our first attempt, and we will update you on our improvments as soon as they are ready. The first thing to fix is our overall size needs to be beefed up, including the chile holes. The spacing around the chiles needs to be spread open. As you can see from the finished stuffed jalapeño the bottom gets burnt to a crisp while the top still could use some heat... But none the less they turned out delicious. So stayed tuned for our new and improved chile roaster....